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About TestAID


TestAID Foundation is a charitable fund established in 2022 by the same team that created TestRAMP - the UK not-for-profit set up to improve Covid-19 PCR testing. TestAID's primary objective is to donate to charities that support medical research and environmental causes.

To date, TestRAMP has generated £2.4 million for good causes and donated £2 million to registered charities including Alzheimer's Society, ZSL and Pilgrim's Hospices. In 2022 TestRAMP donated £1 million to TestAID Foundation which will with its trustees select and support appropriate future charitable beneficiaries.

TestAID Foundation is a charitable donor advised fund operating under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity no. 1099682. To learn more about Prism and how it supports charitable giving see

TestAID can't yet accept external donations. However, in the near future we plan to leverage TestRAMP's donations by fundraising from other corporate donors within the British life sciences industry.

The next step in TestRAMP's journey is to help improve genomic testing in the UK, including for diseases such as cancer, and TestRAMP will continue to support TestAID and its beneficiaries. To discover more, please visit

Details of donations to TestAID can be found here.

For details contact mike hudson at or email

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